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What is the model selection process?

We never hold private auditions, whether you're applying on your own or through a talent scout. You must first complete the application (if you are between 18 and 25 years of age) and attach several current pictures of yourself. We will review them and if we like what we see, we will contact you and make the necessary arrangements to do a shoot. Applications without pictures can not be considered!

If you were referred to us by one of our talent scouts, we've likely already seen your pictures and basic information or the scout's trained eye has determined you'd make a great candidate for our material. We do ask that you still submit a full application, though, so that we can have your information on file and easily contact you.

All applications that are not accepted are promptly deleted and we do not retain the personal, private information of those not accepted, including pictures.

Who is your audience?

Our audience is comprised of paying customers (women and men) interested in viewing tastefully produced adult erotica featuring "amateur" or fresh looking models. Unlike many other adult erotica p! roducers, our work gives greater attention to the male physique and fe atures single males and couples (m/f and m/m) who are young and attractive.

Most commercial erotica ignores the male model completely or puts little emphasis on his looks. They routinely use older models who are out of shape, unattractive, and lack style. We feel this isn't realistic. Beautiful people attract one another in real life - and our goal is to make our work as realistic as we can.

I'm not 18 yet, can I be a model?

We produce adult oriented material - because of that we are prohibited from working with any models who are not 18 years of age at the time of the shoot. If you are not 18, please do not apply since your application will be discarded. You are welcome to apply for our modeling opportunities when you reach your 18th birthday. Proof of age is required of all models prior to participating in a shoot. We maintain our proof of age records according to Federal law and review all age documentation closely, thoroughly, and redundantly. ! If you are not yet 18, we ask that you also refrain from contacting us with any questions and encourage you to wait until you are 18 before even considering adult work.

What is involved in a modeling assignment?

A modeling assignment usually consists of at least 3 scenes - a solo scene and at least 2 action scenes.

A solo scene lasts between 1 and 2 hours. It is comprised in equal parts of still photography and video work. Both the still photography and video work focus on the model in various outfits and states of undress in his most intimate moments pleasuring himself. It is done very tastefully and as natural as possible for the model. We provide erotic videos, magazines, etc. for the model's pleasure. The solo scene must be completed prior to any action scenes.

An action scene takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete. It is comprised in equal parts of still photography and video work. The goal of our duo work is to make the amateur couple appear a! s natural and truly intimate as possible as they have sex with one ano ther. Our work is edited for a professional look and never includes cheesy acting or musical overlays. We try to give you input on who your action partner will be so that there is mutual attraction.

Do you require sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing?

Absolutely. Before any model can participate in an action scene with us, we require thorough screening for STIs. STIs that should be tested for include: HIV, Herpes I/II, Hepatitis A/B/C, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, HPV, and Trichomonas. Models are required to present to us recent, original, unaltered, hardcopy test results that show negative/non-reactive results on all of the aforementioned tests. All of our recurring models - both male and female - are tested on a regular basis in a manner far more thorough and stringent than industry standards.

We would advise anyone considering work in the adult erotica field to be very wary of any company that does not require STI testing of their models. You should consider STI testing as a basic, professional requirement of working in this field (much like an airline pilot must have a valid pilot's license or a restaurant must have valid health department certification). This is done for the safety of all existing models and new, prospective models - yourself included!

Models without the proper STI testing paperwork are still able work with us, but only on a solo basis.

Where do the photo shoots take place?

We have multiple studio locations, and we will cover all of your travel expenses to bring you the location at which your shoot will take place. Furthermore, we cover all arrangements and costs when it comes to travel, lodging, food and drink, etc. Since most intimate encounters take place where people sleep, we frequently shoot in be! droom-like settings that are real and authentic, as opposed to overly- done sets.

Can I just do Couples (duo) work?

In general, no. The solo shoot serves as the audition for future Couples (duo) work. It also acclimates inexperienced models to performing in front of the camera. We rarely make an exception to this. Our format calls for at least one solo shoot from each male model. Depending on how the solo shoot goes, we will make arrangements to work with the model on duo work. Both the solo and duo shoots are simple to do and are very easy money.
Do I get to pick my partner for Couples work?

Since we want the finished product to appear as natural as possible, we do give our models input on who their partners will be - although we make the final decision.

I'm over 30, am I eligible to model for you?

Please don't take this personally, but we must say "No". Our focus is on models who are 18-25 years old. We do not make exceptions to this. There are other producers - a majority of them in fact - who work with male models over 30 years of age and with whom we would suggest you seek work. We do require proof of age prior to doing a shoot. If any applicant misrepresents their age, they will immediately become ineligible for ANY of our modeling opportunities.

Do you work with models on an ongoing basis?

Absolutely! If the first assignment goes well, we always ask our models back for additional work. The ongoing earning potential is very good as a result of this.