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We are continually looking for attractive guys and gals between the ages of 18 and 25 who are interested in making money by appearing on our websites, either alone or with another model. Our models are compensated extremely well - in fact we offer the highest rates in the industry for the best talent. Along with great pay, we offer:

  • Fully-paid travel, meal and lodging expenses
  • Fully-paid travel, meal and lodging expenses for international shoots (including, but not limited, to Europe and Latin America!)
  • Frequent and regular work opportunities to fully maximize your earning potential
  • A professional, friendly, pleasant, safe and respectful work environment
  • Fully-paid sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing

In addition to the aforementioned benefits extending to all models, our exclusive models are offered extra compensation, opportunities, earning potential and privileges in exchange for their exclusivity.

We take safety and comfort very seriously and have in place an STI testing policy that is far more thorough than industry standards. We've never had a model contract an STI on one of our shoots, and are committed to maintaining that track record. Whether applying to us or considering work for any other producers, we strongly encourage you to carefully review any producer's STI testing procedures and ensure your well-being and health are taken seriously. Don't be fooled into thinking that a condom is a replacement for rigorous STI testing of every performer.

We also offer regular, extensive, and high-paying work opportunities. We value long-term relationships with our models, as do our fans and members. Although we are open to working with people who may only be interested in doing 1 or 2 scenes, if a model performs well and is offered a slot as an exclusive model, we will guarantee that person long- term regular work in exchange for their exclusivity. This written guarantee of additional work ensures substantial earning potential, as opposed to signing exclusive for a company that will not offer you the work to have made it worth your while!

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and provide proof of such before we work together. High school graduates are strongly preferred, although if you are at least 18 years of age you are still welcome to apply. It is very important that you not misrepresent your age or otherwise be untruthful with us. If you in any way misrepresent yourself to us on your application or in your communications with us, you will be dropped from further consideration.

We are primarily interested in working with guys that have athletic, toned, or muscular builds with a collegiate look. We strongly prefer working with guys that have a cute or handsome face in addition to a nice body. We are not big on tattoos or piercings, but each potential model will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Guys who leave their body hair natural will be given priority status.

For gals, we are primarily interested in working with athletic to toned figures, good complexion, and a collegiate look who would complement our attractive guys. Tattoos and piercings (other than ears) are less than desirable, but potential models are considered on a case-by-case basis, as with the guys.

A friendly, outgoing personality is very important to be a successful model. Our models are known as much for their personality as their looks, so the more charismatic you are, the more likely you will be offered long-term work with us. Race, sexual orientation and marital status are not factors in consideration.

We never hold auditions, so if you would like to be considered click the appropriate link below to be directed to the model application form. We would encourage you to have your photos ready to upload as you proceed to the application. All pictures must be current, clear and must accurately reflect your look, and include:

  • At least one face picture
  • For Guys - At least one shirtless upper body picture
  • For Gals - One profile shot in a bikini or similarly revealing outfit
  • Full body shots, preferably including a nude photo

Please do not submit photos wearing sunglasses or hats and see the other guidelines on the photo submission portion of the application for details.

If we think you would make a good model, we will get in touch with you to conduct our phone interview. If you know someone who would make a good model, please feel free to refer them to us and you will be paid a finders fee if we work with them.

We require different information from potential male and female models, so please choose the appropriate form below:

Female Model Application Male Model Application